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30 things about you - ≧°◡°≦ Tomohisa ≧°◡°≦

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Hello, guys  ≧°◡°≦ Tomohisa here  ≧°◡°≦  My account is tomohisa_stewart And this is 30 things about me  ≧°◡°≦ Enjoy ~~ 

1. My full-nickname is Tomohisa Stewart. It's a random combination between Japanese name and British one ≧°◡°≦

2. My short name is Tomo.

3. But team's member also call me Vịt, Tôm, etc. Recently, AC's said my name reminded her about 'tomato'.

4. So I'm a many-name member of team. ' v '

5. My real name is Thảo Nhi.

6. But my classmates call me (because my teacher call me Bé Nhi once TvT ), Ánh Nhi, Thảo Nguyên (because some teachers have miscalled my name and a friend sometimes TvT ), etc.

7. So not only am I a many-name member, but I also a many-name person ≧°◡°≦

8. I'm a girl.

9. A non-fan girl.

10. I was born on March 30th, 2004.

11. My birthday the same as Eren Jaeger and Cẩm Ly the singer.

12. I'm Aries.

13. I myself called me Cừu (Sheep, Lamb) a long time ago.

14. I like drawing, writing and reading.

15. I've tried my best to draw and write better.

16. My teacher say I should be a comic artist one day.

17. But I like to be a computer programmer :'<

18. I'm good at almost subject at school, except Music and PE :vv (but I still have good marks)

19. I have no crush ~~

20. But there was someone admit that they like me: two girls (one is my classmate) and a 2k5-boy :vv

21. But I have liked someone at the first sight >w<

22. My first impression of him is his voice so warm >w<

23. I live in countryside ~~

24. I like mystery, horror, supernatural and action stories :33

25. I joined Matcha Team as a main designer.

26. But now I'm a main reviewer and artist. :vv

27. Hmm, I don't know what things to share next '-')

28. I still don't know, ya know :vv

29. I think I should say goodbye now.

30. Ok, now time for goodbye. See you one day :33


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